FALL 2014

Fall is upon us, the weather is changing, the trees are turning. The autumn leaves and pumpkins are bringing us bright shades of orange, red, yellow and green! Fall harvest is here! Our updated website is here too! We have seen many seasons of planting and landscaping all along the central coast, over 25 years. We are raising our family here and living our lives, along with all of you folks in this beautiful community. We’ve learned a lot over the years and have seen so many changes in the landscape industry. From graduating from Cal Poly where we landscaped the arboretum and got extra credit for catching gophers, to designing and landscaping many homes during the housing boom, to surviving the recessions and the housing bust! Through it all we have been blessed with the flexibility to do many horticultural services and practical building projects that have sustained us during the economic ups and downs. All along with the goal of keeping the customers needs a priority and making sure we fully complete our projects. We have enjoyed the journey and look forward to growing and expanding into many more seasons! 

Wishing you a happy harvest this fall! – Mike and Libby Zaiser