Sometimes we get asked, “what do you do that makes you different from a guy driving a truck with a mower in the back?” We call them, “Mow, Blow, and Go” guys! 

Well, we are a lot different than that. We are a professional company with a professional mindset, this means when we consult with a client and look at the area to be landscaped we look at the whole picture. We look at the style of the home or building, colors that will enhance and complement the property to increase your investment. We look at it with an artistic, designer eye to give a complete finished look. We love to give lots of ideas, working within the realistic parameters of the project like slopes, trees, other obstacles etc. So our ideas might be more involved but can be a great improvement and well worth the cost when you look at the value of your property. When you make these improvements studies show that you will get a greater return on your investment. Our goal is to give your property a facelift and street appeal that will make your home and landscape standout above the rest. 

It is also important that it meets the needs of our client and they are happy with the finished product. We have landscaped many homes and commercial properties along the central coast in the 30 years we have been in business and have more experience and ideas than you can imagine. We carry with us all the Degrees and Licenses, and Insurance necessary and pride ourselves with having integrity and honesty with every project. We are passionate at our profession and would love to create your perfect outdoor living space.